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A Lesson in Secrets - Jacqueline Winspear I was delighted to receive this book through the GoodReads giveaway although I was a bit dubious at it being the 8th in a series.While it refers to events in the first 7 books you really don't need to read them to both understand and become immersed in this one. Enough information is imparted along with the current story for you to see some continuing character development even though most of the main characters have been fleshed out previously.I found it a pleasant and well written mystery. The main character is likable while not being too amenable when it comes to getting the facts she needs. The setting, time period and political climate while somewhat overhashed in numerous books are given a surprisingly fresh perspective. I liked that it dealt with the perception of women's wartime contributions as well as the contributions themselves.I did find a little too much going on in this book with 2 mysteries, espionage and the question of what her current flame, James, was up to.I would recommend this for any mystery reader that likes a good female lead and a bit of history along with their mystery. I also look forward to a bit of backreading about Maisie in the preceeding books.