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The Beloved Dead - Tony Hays I received this book through Goodreads first-reads giveaway.I've been a fan of the Arthurian legends ever since I can remember and have read a fair quantity of books and references on it so I was very happy to have won this book. I was, however, surprised to find out it was a mystery. Fortunately I am also a Cadfael fan!The book was no disappointment when it came to location and information from that time period. The mystery was meshed in nicely with the storyline instead of feeling like an addendum. It was also a little too easy to figure out. At least for me but what kept me reading was how it interwove into the legend.I found the dialogue a little too simplistic and sometimes quite repetitive in how each character felt about any given situation. Malgwyn's constant misgivings about Arthur's marriage soon seemed like filler instead of reaffirmation.All in all I liked the book. It was a nice change on the mystery format and learning a little more about the Arthurian era and legend from a fresh perspective is always a bonus.I am going to read the first two books out of curiosity and will follow this series as I am eager to see how it develops.