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V for Vendetta - David Lloyd, Alan Moore In a way I'm glad I read Moore's Promethea series before V for Vendetta. It made me appreciate it so much more. It has more depth and far less surrealism and existentialism. I like the stark look of the artwork more then the kaleidoscopic colors of Promethea.I know a lot of people like to compare the book to the film but these feel like two separate entities to me.While the film is fantastic in it's own right I get more of a feel for V and the other main characters in the novel. The Evey in the book needs to learn to feel free far more then the self assured Portman does in the film.V is more unbalanced but just as poetic as his film counterpart.You get far more glimpses into his psyche.The totalinarianism rings more true now then it did when the book was written and can also be taken as a bit of a cautionary tale. How much power should and do we allow others to have over us?I am now sincerely looking forward to reading more of Moore's masterworks then I was before. I also think this book is a great introduction to just how good graphic novels are. Comics, not just for children!