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The Drawing of the Three - Stephen King I honestly thought I had only read the first of the series as I had totally forgotten that I had read this one as well. Now I see why. I think this book was the reason that I quit reading the series. It is quite simply irritating because of both King's writing and a few of his characters. King is back to his old tricks of using repetitive information and statements that just seem like padding the number of words in his books. This is what started to drive me away from reading them in the first place.As for the character, I think most can guess who this dual personality is and I was secretly hoping Roland would shoot them. I notice King still likes not only creepy but irritating characters in his books.I will, however, keep reading the series for two reasons.1. The concept of the three doors was awesome even though the execution was annoying so I know there's potential here.2. I've been asked to give it a chance as the next book is better and the fourth book is supposed to be extremely well written and a turning point for the rest of the series.