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The Waste Lands - Stephen King, Ned Dameron Finally some good progression! I once again have to thank a friend for gently pushing me kicking and screaming through the first two books so I would end up reading the third.King still has the habit of introducing annoying characters but thank god he doesn't let them drone on as much. The pace and the writing was much better. So much so that I was eager to learn what happens next. The adventure begins and what an adventure it is!I am starting to see something off in the distance and it looks like a world I can understand and a "mythology" to go along with it. While one of his protagonists still is more a charicature she is at least rounding out a bit although one of her scenes earlier in the book left much to be desired. Which is probably my main complaint with this volume.My other complaint is that it's a true cliffhanger but for some reason I forgive that. Partially because I have the next book and partially because I could see why it was left as is. There's too much more to tell then a few more pages will allow. Sometimes I'm more for breaking things up into more bite sized chunks than making an almost unwieldy tome.