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Wizard and Glass - Stephen King, Dave McKean While I had high hopes for this volume of the gunslinger saga I do feel a little let down. First I'd like to cover why I liked the book.One of the main thing's I liked is that King took this one out of the realm of horror and placed it in a more realistic albeit fantastical one. I was happy to see it pick up where it left off and not jump into the next part of the tale.It was great to see Eddie finally rise above just being a dumb New York junkie. It's not that he hasn't contributed before but it was the way he did this time that made me smile.Then we have Roland's back story. Who doesn't want that? I know I wanted more and this book delivered.Learning more about Roland is a good thing. However, this is about when things started to go wrong. The story goes from flowing and moving along at a good pace to trickling like a drought starved stream. The author is back to using too much filler and using too many twists and turns to tell something that would have been better had it been kept a bit simpler. About 200 pages simpler at least.I will also admit I wasn't thrilled about the Wizard of Oz parallels but they did fit the direction the story went. Where exactly did the story go?With that said I'm still enamored of this tale and liking the main characters more with every book. Onward to the next but I think I'll take a break and read something different first.By the way, does anyone know where I can get a bumbler? *wink*