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The Unbearable Lightness of Being - Milan Kundera, Michael Henry Heim Kundera is adept at just feeding us enough information about his characters that they become recognizable but not enough to let us focus solely on them. His goal being to give us digestible pieces of philosophy.Unlike some other writers of his era he doesn't try to hit us over the head with existentialism or morals. I can't say I appreciate Kundera's views on women but we are talking 20th century eastern Europe. Womanizing was considered normal and only now is it being seen for what it is. A unacceptable marginalization of women.He also more than touches on the politics of that time period and how they effected his own and through him his characters philosophies. His own creations, desiring less of material as Communism itself teaches, but desiring each other as a partner more.Very uneven at points but still beautifully written. I liked the book even though it does tend to overachieve at times.Have I mentioned it also has a dog?