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MirrorMask (children's edition) - Neil Gaiman This and Coraline are both based on an alternate world. Their other world seems to come into being or becomes more accessible when dissatisfaction arises with a parent in the real world. Here the comparison ends and I find myself enjoying MirrorMask much more then Coraline. I think it's partially that MirrorMask is much darker and I'm liking that side of Neil. He seemed to show it much more while writing the Sandman series. There's nothing wrong with lightheartedness and humour but I find he's at his best when things are a little meatier. While Coraline wishes for a parent that notices her and cares, Helena simply wants a little more normalcy. Through many her many Wonderland styled adventures in the alternate world she begins to find that maybe her life is closer to normal then she thought. The art work to go along with this “trip” is fantastic. I think the movie may go on my “To watch” list