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All Tomorrow's Parties - William Gibson While the final book didn't hold it's end up well it was at least more cohesive with the first book than the second one was. Gibson continues to flesh out the anarchical society that has developed on the now damaged and abandoned bridge. Which makes for the best part of the book as he seems to have let his characters fall to the wayside. I'm really wondering what happened to Chevette and Rydell as they now seem more like caricatures. All their self possession and ability to use decisive action seem to be missing. Laney makes only brief appearances that are as ethereal as Rei Toi herself. As for the villains, the word cardboard comes to mind.However I am still in awe of Gibson's imagination and wordsmithing. Every location is lovingly crafted and described. It's just too bad that it didn't extend to the people that populate this world.