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The Remains of the Day - Kazuo Ishiguro The Remains of the Day I love Ishiguro's writing and this book was based during the start of WW2 . I have a bit of a weakness for stories set in England during that time period. I note I seem to have a real problem in writing reviews for his books. I'm really not sure why. It might be because the subtlety they contain makes it hard to articulate my thoughts in my reviews.I'm pleased to say the prose is simple, delicate and as beautiful as his other books. A lot of the content seems a bit dull but what you are really seeing is the main character's personality being drawn by what he deems important. The narrator and main character is a proper English butler named Mr. James Stevens and his idea of interesting things are merely what he deems his duties. There is almost a form of poetry in how he describes his striving to have the best polished silver. In the course of being so proper he has forgotten how to relate to his fellow man and loses opportunities for both love and friendship in the form of Miss Kenton. I love how Ishiguro uses memory or false memory in a lot of cases to convey how his narrator wishes to change some of his and his former employer Lord Darlington's harsher decisions and lapses. His recollections also show how Stevens totally misses the impact of Lord Darlington's politics. They are also a bit clouded when Stevens' memories pertain to Miss Kenton. The word “If” sometimes hangs heavily. He seems to finally realize his dignity had replaced his humanity. He's so busy doing what is proper he forgets to do what is right. It's a bit ironic how some of the staff are snottier than the upper class they served. It takes a final meeting with Miss Kenton (now Mrs. Benn) and an off chance meeting with a retired butler to make him wake up to what he has missed. Instead of dwelling he finally moves forward.