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Jitterbug Perfume - Tom Robbins Another “Why didn't I read this before?!” treasure. Still Life With Woodpecker being one of my favourites I'm surprised I haven't read all of Robbin's books. After this one I guess I'll have to.Humorous as ever this story seemed to be a lot more convoluted and even at times sad. Here begins the difficulty. If I were asked to give a plot synopsis I don't think I could. While perfume seems to be the connecting thread throughout the book, the same could be said for death and life and well, a lot of things. Oddly I found that Robbins put a lot less into a few of his main characters then I am used to. Alovar, Pan and Kudra are well rounded and interesting. I can't honestly say the same for the rest. With the exception of Wiggs on some occasions I would call the rest forgettable. Still, they add to the story and aren't poorly written so much as just not as important.Even this didn't bother me. I felt it added to the book the same way that acquaintances do in real life. My main beef was the somewhat awkward ending and Robbin's tedious lists. Some of them were funny and needed while others like the drink orders made my eyes roll back in my head. Robbins is a “read at your own risk author” as he'll either offend you or so sweep you up you'll be lost in his books. I found myself happily lost.