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Secrets of Tamarind - Nadia Aguiar ARC won in a First Reads GiveawayThis is not quite a stand alone book. It makes multiple references to prior events in the first book so that you wonder what you've missed. As you continue to read you find that while it might be nice to know what happened previously it isn't really necessary to follow and enjoy this book.It's a fairly standard tale of a child straining at the yoke placed on them by a parental authority. They wish to break free and experience life without restraints. Once they are amidst the adventure comes the usual regret and a “careful what you wish for” feeling. What makes this different is the world that's created for these children to adventure in. It's not a Never Never Land or anything even remotely like it. It has a different kind of magic and that was a refreshing change.The story moves along at a good pace and sometimes things seem to be just a little too convenient but there are enough thrills to engage most young adults. There's little to no graphic violence so it's safe for younger teens as well. I don't think this book translates well for adults but would be a good one to read to your children.