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Selected Stories - Philip K. Dick, Jonathan Lethem While I found each of these stories a little formulaic it was amazing what PKD did with these formulas. Character development is never great in short stories and usually neither is world building but PKD managed to do the latter enough to place his fast paced stories in, using his out of the normal imagination.The other thing about short stories is there are usually a number of duds bolstered up by a few good and maybe one stellar story. Not so in this case. I'd say the majority were good with at least two stellar. Roog may well be overlooked by others but it's one story that made me sit back and go “Oh!”. I was also really pleased with the Electric Ant. It was like a glimpse into Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep but from a different perspective.I've seen a few of the films based on these short stories and I wonder if whomever adapted bothered to really read them. PDK seems to have a sub current running through them that the movies just can't replicate. It's such a shame as, when handled properly, someone with more finesse could produce another Blade Runner. I have a few more of his short story collections that contain some of these as well and I'll gladly reread them as well as the stories that are new to me.