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Men at Arms - Terry Pratchett I have a feeling that I'm going to end up reviewing all of the Discworld books as I read them as they are just getting better and better. Of course I loved this one as it has the Nightwatch! I love them as much as I love the Witches. This book added a whole lot more of the Nightwatch for me to get to know and love as well!Even though this tale has a satirical moral like the others it is so buried in a good story that I doubt you would even notice it. The characters that you have already met if you read “Guards! Guards!” are more three dimensional and the new characters come fully fleshed. Detritus has joined Vimes and Carrot as one of my favourite guards while Gaspode has wormed (pun intended) his way back into my heart.Oh and I have to mention another cameo by Death who still isn't funny even though he's been told humour will help him do his job. When he tells a recently dead dwarf named Bjorn that “Since you believe in reincarnation you'll be Bjorn again.” and then has to explain it to said dwarf, it still doesn't awaken him to the fact that he should leave puns to real punsters. You have to love him for it none the less.This is my first five star for any of the Discworld books and I feel it really deserves it. I both read this book all in one sitting while trying to slow down and savour it. I almost gave myself a hernia.