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The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul - Douglas Adams I found this second instalment of the adventures of Dirk Gently as funny as the first but in a less slap dash way. It seems that Adams has written a book with a real plot and it's a good one! It still has holes but it's just such a change to see one of his books have a real direction. I did find it a shame that the conclusion was somewhat weak but that's only a minor quibble..There's still much silliness and it's done grandly in Adams style. I wanted to rescue a frightened lamp that was suddenly more kittenish then you can imagine. Also the battle over the fridge between Dirk and his cleaning lady as well as the fridge's destiny are my favourite parts of the story.I really like Adams take on Thor and Odin. Even Gods need a good sleep! Also having a temper gains some pretty strange results when Thor loses his. Brilliant!I'm going to read Salmon of Doubt partially for the small glimpse of Dirk as well as one final glimpse into Douglas Adam's mind.