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Last Human - Doug Naylor I'm sad to say that this is even more of a letdown then Backwards was. It seems that Naylor needs Grant more then vice versa. At least when it comes to writing in the Red Dwarf universe. This book just wasn't that funny or even true to the characters. As a science fiction novel in it's own right it wasn't bad but then again, it wasn't great. The plot is so full of holes I feel it's been a marksman's target and I couldn't get over the feeling that this had just been cobbled together as part of a contract commitment. There was just no heart and soul of the original Red Dwarf left in this. It has some moments of sheer brilliance that just don't seem to go anywhere.I am a little disappointed because this series seems to have petered off in a whimper rather then go out with the big bang it and Lister deserved.