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Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders - Neil Gaiman Usually I swallow anything by Neil whole. Instead I found myself nibbling on this volume like a delicacy. Reading a story here and there and I think I enjoyed it a lot more.I had already read a few of these and I really have to repeat how much I love A Study in Emerald. I have to qualify that though. I loved the Holmesian references. You can keep anything to do with Cthulu or Lovecraft. I found Lovecraft's own works tedious and overwrought so I can't say I'm fond of the all too frequent use of the Mythos by other authors. I have to admit that Gaiman's was probably one of the most clever.Of the ones I hadn't read on other collections I was the most delighted with The Monarch of the Glen. It wasn't a sequel to American Gods so much as the continuing adventures of Shadow. It sated my need for a sequel... for awhile.Harlequin's Valentine would have to be my other favourite. If you like macabre and silly you'll love this.The rest were the usual mixed bag you get in a collection and some made me realize that I prefer Gaiman's longer works. Which is probably why I liked the longer ones in this volume.