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The Fry Chronicles - Stephen Fry I never thought I'd want to swat someone I so admire but I found Stephen's marginalizing of himself and his accomplishments exasperating. By the second half of the book I wanted to swat him for being an unrelenting twit. Still, I enjoyed the book as it let me see into his very manic brain.This is well worth reading for his command of the English language alone. I loved the fact I had to scramble for the dictionary a few times. I have a love for the written language but I'm ashamed my command is poor. The funny thing is you never feel he is talking down to you. He relishes language and in his own words “Another is in every particular I fail Strunk's Elements of Style or any other manual of 'good writing'. If a thing can be said in ten words, I may be relied upon to take a hundred to say it. I ought to go back and ruthlessly prune, pare and extirpate excess growth but I will not. I like words - strike that, I love words and whilst I am fond of the condensed and economical use of them in poetry, in song lyrics, in Twitter, in good journalism and smart advertising, I love the luxuriant profusion and mad scatter of them too.” you can see just how much.The abrupt ending had its desired effect. I want more.