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Hogfather - Terry Pratchett I am happy! This story has one of my favourite characters, Death. Not only is he in the majority of the book, he is in that majority dressed in a red suit, driving a sledge and shouting Ho Ho Ho in a booming voice. What's not to love? I just wish Susan listened to her Grandfather more often. He's far more “human” than she is.This story also has the Wizards. I will say that, for once, the Wizard's antics made me smile. I think it was Ponder and Vex that amused me the most.The scenes with Nobbs and Death were poignant as was Albert and the ending of this book. Pratchett knows how to tug a heart string even while he's tweaking your nose.However after all the build up in this novel I found myself curiously unsatisfied with it as a whole and that may be due to the antagonists. The main villain Tea Time, proper pronunciation Teh-ah-tim-eh, is the first person that I found very one dimensional. He's almost like a comic book bad guy. I felt that most of the satire involving him, the Auditors and his accomplices fell flat. Hence the 4 and not 5 stars.