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Stephen Fry in America - Stephen Fry If you want an in depth look at the USA I suggest you find another book. However, if you want a slightly humorous and a very Fry centric view, read on!I never for once thought that he was going to do more then touch down, do a few highlighted things for each state then move on. I wasn't disappointed. It works very well with Mr. Fry's personality. He seems to flit about in his own life, trying this and testing that and doing most of it with great relish and gusto. While short, a lot of his comments and sentiments of each state are insightful.I was sad to see some states get short shrift such as Ohio but the time constraints must have been rigid. I also found that Stephen did indulge himself in a bit judgemental-ism despite the fact he stated he wouldn't in his introduction.I would call this good, light entertainment while being slightly educational. All written by someone who genuinely loves and respects America.