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The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins I, like many others that have recently read this, finally know what the fuss is all about. A friend of mine just finished it and encouraged me to read this book now. I am glad I did. This is not your typical YA book. If it wasn't for a few teen fantasy parts you wouldn't think of this as a YA book at all. For that matter it's not your typical Post Apocalypse or Dystopian book either. Katniss makes for a good heroine. She is neither super human nor a giggling, love besotted idiot. She's a young woman that has learned to survive the hard way. I won't go into the circumstances as that would spoil some of the book for others. She's not into the Games for fame or fortune, she's there because she cares about her family. A lot of what happens is predictable but not obnoxiously obvious.The world that Katniss lives in is about as abysmal as you can get and is something, I think, we all fear a bit as real life governments seem to have more control and information about us with each passing year. So this book packs a lot of political and social commentary without beating you about the head and is a thrilling read to boot.