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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne I was warned that the third volume of this series was much darker than the previous two. I found that odd because I was thinking what could possibly be worse than a government that murders children and forces them to murder each other in order to keep its citizens both in line and entertained. This final book managed to convey a few ways. It also went on to show that there is not always a clear delineation of good and bad. It is because of this that in some respects I liked this story the best.From totalitarianism to communism, these are two of the extremes of government rule and this story includes both. I liked Katniss' struggle with the awareness that sometimes you have to chose the lesser of two evils. A lot of what haunts her will stay with me long after I have finished this. While at times she still comes off as whiny and angsty I am pretty damned sure I would be as well. Are we always doomed to repeat history?The ending is a little too Utopic and the reason Mockingjay doesn't get a five but I think the series needed it. Kudos to Suzanne Collins for writing a trilogy that makes both kids and adults, think.