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The Complete Sherlock Holmes -  Arthur Conan Doyle I selected this for a long term read. Something to cleanse my pallet between other books and I ended up reading most of it continuously.I honestly am a bit reticent to even try to write a review about this book. I have read all of these stories in one form or another a few times over the years but reading them all at once as the pages of Holmes life was more like delving into the Biography of a real person. Once again I was thrilled and mesmerized.I think the reading of this collection may become a biannual event for me. It's a little too large for every year but like reading The Lord of the Rings it's like seeing an old friend and I don't think I'll leave it too long before I revisit.It's no wonder movies and TV shows keep trying to recapture Holmes and Watson's enduring fascination and charm.