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One-Skein Wonders - Judith Durant, Gwen Steege It took me a minute to see the logic in organizing the patterns by yarn weight but I could see how that could be really useful. The pictures of the projects, however, were not at all well organized. I would have liked to have seen all the hats and like things each in their own sections. As for the project themselves there were the expected scarves and baby items. There were also a lot of what I call bazaar junk. You know them, they are kind of things that give knitters bad names. Fortunately there are a few gems and some I have already made having found someone's altered version posted online. I wouldn't call this the best pattern book but it has enough for beginners that I think it's well worth it for a newcomer to knitting and experienced knitters may find enough that they can alter to their tastes. I have hopes for the second book in this series 101 Designer One- Skein Wonders and will review it once I'm finished.