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The Gunslinger - Stephen King I originally read this book not long after it was first published. I was becoming disenfranchised with King's writing and my headspace just wasn't receptive to anything even remotely approaching science fiction if it was written by King. I also had a lot going on in my life and that might have attributed to my opinion.A friend of mine convinced me to give it another try but also warned me to reread the original and not the revised. I followed her advice and am very glad that I did. I'll still never find Stephen King the "stupendous" writer that others do but I can say he has done something remarkable with this book and hopefully the rest of the series.He has become a real story teller and the tale he unfolds has so many parts to it that you can see that it can't just be done in one sitting or in this case "book". The characters are much more complex and you really can't see where this will end unlike a lot of his other work. I have the entire series and will probably jump headlong into it hoping that I like the others as much as I like this one. I really want to accompany Roland on his entire journey.