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The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark - Ann Druyan, Carl Sagan It's always great to find a scientist that can actually write and make it interesting. Carl Sagan is one of those. I had read part of this many years ago and somehow lost the book so it was with pleasure that I now have finished reading it properly. This book really makes me want to reread Cosmos.I think I appreciate his books because they are usually based on fact and not opinion. He also is always passionate that science is not perfect and that's what is beautiful about it. The constant and honest self questioning and re-evaluating nature of science. Sagan notes that most religions and pseudo sciences are loathe to let anyone take too close a look at them and he's pretty spot on.I do question a couple of his statements. Especially the one that avers that the last President literate in science was Jefferson. After doing a bit of research I would think that Carter would definitely have been considered scientifically literate so let's hope that was just an oversight.Yet another good book to go on my to re-read list.