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Looking for Jake - China Miéville Sometimes short stories are a great way to introduce yourself to an author you haven't read before. I found China Mieville while reading an anthology and was intrigued but not sure if I would like him so I found his collection of short stories.If these are fantasy I would call them dark fantasy for lack of a better word. In all truth I would label them as mostly horror with some science fiction thrown in but it seems that Mieville wants a different label. I'm not saying that I don't like his writing, I do but let's call this what it is.A couple of these quite literally sent chills up my spine and I have to say I really loved the Meta fiction. He also showed that he handled post apocalyptic really well. There were a few stories that fell flat but that may be because they really needed to be longerI think my interest is peaked enough to hunt out more of his books.