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Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell Damn, yet another author I want to read more by. Mitchell reminds me a little of Tim Powers but with more use of each period setting's language. Speaking of language, Mitchell conveys it with aplomb. Lines like “the locomotive strained like a gouty proctor on the pot before heaving itself into motion.” made my brain tingle.Now that I'm past admiring the words I can get to the characters. I thought I was going to get very lost as there are so many but soon you become comfortably familiar with most and even begin to see bits of some of them on other time period's vignettes. Yes each chapter or period is more than a vignette but to me that's the best word to describe how each “mini” part of the story is captured. I am definitely rereading this one as I have a feeling I'll glean a little more with each telling of these stories.So I hear there's a movie?