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The Selfish Gene - Richard Dawkins I had wondered why my Biology Professor had not pointed to this book as a good reference. I can now see why. Dawkins himself has done an about face on a few of his statements and had to explain or elaborate on a number of others in this updated Anniversary edition. Still, I wish I had read this years ago because it helps explain a lot to me that which I had more difficult times with. This includes the math for some of the genetic results which Dawkins goes into detail with, in some parts, and still makes my eyes cross. He also helped me understand a lot of the evolution that goes on at the gene level as opposed to the organism level. For this alone I'm glad I read this book. I like reading someone who provides and discovers his own proof and not just uses rhetoric or other's results.While this book is fairly understandable for most I'm still not sure I'd recommend it to anyone that doesn't have at least a little basic biology and genetics. I'm also back to wanting half stars as this is a 3.5 only slightly leaning to a 4.