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Making History - Stephen Fry I have finally met a Fry book I didn't like. Well, I liked it but I didn't love it. It had two of my favourite things going for it and that was Stephen Fry as a writer and science fiction. Unfortunately it didn't mesh as well as I had hoped.The premise is good as it's an alternate universe story about Hitler but it's been done much better. I'm not exactly sure where it went wrong but I'd say it's a lot of little things. The main one being Stephen's lack of any science fiction basis in previous writing or his own reading of it. I'm also not enamored of the narration suddenly changing into a movie script format as a dramatic device. It was far more distracting than an enhancement.What saved the book for me is that he still has a damned good way with words even when he's out of his depth and element. He just tried to be too clever with something that would have benefited much more from his usual well worked prose.