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Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins I was glad the entire book didn't centre entirely around the Games themselves. I wasn't, however, happy to see that this ended off as a cliff hanger. As I have enjoyed both books so far I would have happily read the third without this annoying gimmick. A lot of times the second book in a series falls far short and is a disappointment. While this book wasn't as good as the first I still felt myself just as drawn in only this time I noticed the flaws a lot more.I could have done with a lot less recap but this series isn't aimed at adults. It is aimed at young adults who may have read many things in between and need a light refresher. It just happens to appeal to a good many adults because the books are so well written.I found I wasn't so enamoured of Katniss this time around but I'm not so sure I wouldn't be more selfish were I in her place. I'm also finding the love triangle tiresome but it least it furthers the plot. The arena this time more than makes up for all the flaws. It's devious and a stroke of genius.I am truly looking forward to book three which makes me glad I am late in reading these and already have a copy.