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Perdido Street Station - China Miéville I really needed a new fantasy author I could sink my teeth into (figuratively!) and I think I've found him. Miéville takes the odd elements that you would find in the minds of authors like Barker or Powers and gives them a fresh but interesting and sometimes macabre twist. This is one of the few books I made copious notes about so I had a good basis for my review and because some of it was just so damn remarkable.New Crobuzon reminds me a little of Gormenghast in that he city is as much an entity as the beings that populate it. And what beings they are! I know most come from mythology but Miéville's take on them is what makes them come alive. As fantastic as they are there was not one character that I couldn't relate to, even if it was to actively dislike them. That makes me happy because I sometimes grow tired of perfect heroes and Isaac is pretty much imperfect. It's also refreshing to not have every detail explained or neatly tied up. The mystery of the giant ribs leaves a lot for my own imaginings. I'll mention the ending here as well. No spoilers, it's just not one you would expect.I'm still going to insist this is as much horror and science fiction in nature as it is fantasy but that's in hope it will draw in people that read this book because of these genres. There are times I felt the book could have been a little shorter and hence the four and not five stars but for me it was so close that I'm at least wishing for my half stars again.