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John Dies at the End  - David Wong What do you get when you cross Christopher Moore's writing style with Burrough's Naked Lunch? You get Wong's book John Dies at the End! When I first saw horror and humour mixed together I said “Sign me up!” I was an avid horror reader but all the books started to blur and then became too gore soaked just to keep people's attention so I love a good stab (yes I know bad pun) at satire on the genre. This book does not disappoint on the gore and gross level.Where it does disappoint is when it verges on the too stupid, which is a shame as a lot of the story is well written and keeps you tumbling along with some of the more audacious antics. This was certainly aimed at his Cracked audience and doesn't make much effort to reach past them. A lot of scenarios are just one-upsmanship in the gross out arena of a previous scenario.It's not a book I'd recommend to most people but if you like juvenile and scatological humour you'll love it. Yes I chuckled more than once.