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A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess Wherein we learn all 21 chapters and not just the 20 from the movie and the early American edition of the book. After reading this I really can't understand why it was left out as it really is the summation of the book and it's theme. Man is not man without choice and self will. Man also can outgrow idiotic and pubescent aggression. Even the worst reprobates.This is where I'll say I'm glad I watched the movie first but not because it was better, it wasn't, but because I had a much easier time translating “Nadsat” as I was reading. This work would be a lot less interesting without the slang or the violence but be forewarned that this book is disturbing on a lot of levels.I also loved learning in the introduction that it was Burgess' least favourite work. I'll have to say I disagree, at least until I read his other books.