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The Stranger - Albert Camus,  Matthew    Ward I have to get one thing out of the way. The forward of this book states that Matthew Ward's translation is a more accurate version. That may well be so but I found this very stilted and with a total lack of flow that makes reading enjoyable. I may have to find a different version as that almost ruined the book for me.Now onto the book itself. The main question for me, is Meursault a sociopath? I would like to say yes but that's too easy of an answer. A lack of caring for a mother may stem from anything. I'm sure there are more than a few out there that would agree with that. He does state that he doesn't know how to feel but does that mean he can't feel? Does a lack of religious faith also equal a sociopath? To me it signifies a person that can think for themselves.Such a little book and so much packed into it. I'll be thinking on this one for a long time and I have a feeling that rereading may not make the answers any clearer but reread it I shall. Such is philosophy.