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Steppenwolf - Basil Creighton, Hermann Hesse For such a small book this took me awhile to read as it really wasn't the book I expected it to be. After reading Hesse's Siddartha I was expecting more of a spiritual journey and instead I got a some pretty deep probing of self awareness that takes on the subject of intellectualism. It was also a slow journey. I really felt I got little out of the book until we meet Hermine. Then, let the angst begin.Bohemians vs Bourgeois becomes the definition of the intellect and life itself as well as suicide. All problems will be solved by it! I actually can relate as I think it's more than just the avant garde lifestyle. I think a lot of people feel that hopeless and are mentally ill on top of it. Who, in the end, wins the battle within when it comes to our dual natures.