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A Feast for Crows - George R.R. Martin /Rant OnIf I was the type of person that rages, this book could well push me into one. I hate two part books. It's bad enough to have to wait for more in a series let alone to learn that you may not find out about a character's fate in the next one because the second book as about other characters!I also found too much time spent on other characters that were both uninteresting and seemed like filler rather than being tangential to the series. It's kind of a shame because Martin's writing is finally gelling for me but I think he was given too much leeway on this.I resent having to go straight to the next book but it looks like I will to see if I get some satisfaction. I'll admit I've become invested with a few characters so that may be why I'm so disappointed.It would rate 3.5 but I'm giving it a 3 for annoyance value./Rant off