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Blacksad, Vol. 1 - Juan Díaz Canales, Juanjo Guarnido This is definitely noir. Enough so that I think even Chandler would admire it and while the story is the stuff of pulp fiction, the artwork is what really creates this immersive world. This also stars a cat as a detective and no not in the Rita Mae Brown manner. Thank God. This actually works and not only works, it excels. I could go on and on about the marriage of the art to the narrative in this graphic novel but I think it's best experienced first hand.The first and third stories are superb. I did have problems with the second.It wasn't the subject matter of the second story so much as the fact that I don't think you can use anthropomorphic animals to full effect in a story about racism due to skin (fur) colour. It just didn't work for me. That doesn't mean that the story didn't have some impact. There were a few powerfully drawn scenes that made me wince.It's graphic novels like this one that are really making me appreciate this genre more and more.