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Nights at the Circus - Angela Carter I'm surprised that I took no notes while reading this book. I have a feeling it was because I came so en-rapt in Sophie's tale I forgot all else. Isn't that the point of a good book? Did I say this book is good? Well I will now. This book is good!From the start you wonder if her story really is true when she claims to have been hatched but soon you realize there is something strange going on. Like the reporter, Jack Walser you could swear that you've been listening all night until the clock strikes twelve and you're glad that you have all night to hear more although you swear more time has passed.Once real time seems to catch up you're hooked and ready to go off and join the circus just like Jack and then the story begins in earnest. A lot of it seeming mundane till you really start falling for the star and seeing her as what she claims. A giant of a woman with real wings she uses on her trapeze act. You suddenly cant blame those that wanted to possess her as she is magnificent in body and in mind. Then the rest of the circus unfurls as a magical being in itself. I could go on but don't worry I won't. I leave you to listen to Ms Fevvers story for yourself. See if you don't lose track of time as well.