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Ubik - Philip K. Dick I am reminded that I need to read more from Philip K Dick. This is only my third novel by him but I have read numerous short stories in anthologies and I can't remember not liking any of them. I am assuming I got completely waylaid after having read him previously because I can't understand not having read more of him. He doesn't seem to have an exact genre of science fiction but tends to include a lot that I like.While not quite cyberpunk I would say this story presages it. Which goes right in with the book's main theme. At first I really did think this was going to be like the blurb says “...a tour de force of panoramic menace and unfettered slapstick ...” but that doesn't even begin to describe this work. I wasn't far into the book when I realized that this was a morality (and mortality) tale and so much more. I really have to admire the man. He does weave layer upon layer to a story so you can pretty much take from it what you want or you can chose to see what's building up underneath.He pokes at society and religion without preaching to it. Meanwhile he delves into philosophy and metaphysics and he manages to make it all entertaining. The science fiction such as the time travel via regression is brilliant! I love his treatment of the Ubik product most of all. This goes on my favourite shelf which means it will be reread at least once more and is one I'm satisfied in giving five stars.