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Martian Time-Slip - Philip K. Dick I had a hard time getting into this book. I don't deal well with in your face prejudice and PKD's use of the Nbomb was pretty off putting. The next obstacle were the views on the causes of autism and schizophrenia. This is when it sank in that this story did not age well.Once I got past this I did start to enjoy the story. Politics, crime and betrayal are always more fun in an exotic setting. The trouble is that this Mars may as well have been Earth so scratch the locale thing too.So what did I like? I liked that it was a good rip of the human race in general. That we take our problems with us wherever we go. I liked that his protagonist, Jack, was a mere human but one of the more noble ones.I have a feeling I shouldn't have started reading PKD's works with Ubik as I keep trying to compare all the rest that I have been reading to it. That's a mighty high standard to hold any other book against.