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On Stranger Tides

On Stranger Tides - Tim Powers I had to see if I was third time lucky and considering the newest Pirates of the Caribbean is based on this book I figured it would be worth a read for that alone. I'm not disappointed but I will say that this book doesn't stand up to Anubis Gates or Declare but it still kept me turning pages.I found some of the character building a bit off and it made it hard to relate to a couple of the characters. There was also more of an emphasis on action and fighting making this a bit more gory. Which is good as it does involve pirates and vodun. Thanks to the voodoo basis there was also a lot more magic and supernatural.It's odd that I didn't like this book as much as his others but it never cohesively meshed. Still I have to hand it to Powers as he did his usual great job of research and there was a lot more authenticity to this pirate tale then some others I have read.I remain a fan of this author and look forward to more stories by him.