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Declare - Tim Powers This is my second Powers novel and I have to admit I'm hooked. This guy can write!I've never been a true fan of political thrillers or espionage but this one grabbed me from the start. I love that his heroes aren't he men in constant armed or unarmed combat. The lack of gory and graphic violence was pleasing as well. It's not that this lacked action, it didn't. The story just wasn't centered on the actions so much as the interactions of the characters.I'm also in awe as to how Powers manages to weld the supernatural to cold war spying. You would think that such disparate subjects wouldn't meld at all but Powers makes it more then plausible. It reminds me a little of Raiders of the Lost Ark in that respect. Yes I know it's not that ark involved in this story.His use of real life spy Kim Philby made me interested enough to do some cursory research on the man.I really do love how Powers mixes real history with his fiction and how well researched it is. This and Anubis Gates are both keepers that I will definitely reread.