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The Vesuvius Club: A Lucifer Box Novel

The Vesuvius Club - Mark Gatiss I had noticed that my recent reading list had been what you might call melancholy so when I saw that Mark Gatiss had written a book I knew it might be a cure for melancholia. I was a fan of his League of Gentlemen skits and also of his writing for the newer Sherlock series. I also love satire and dry wit so this really was the prescription I needed.It's funny, satirical and as a bonus also a decent thriller. There's no high literature here and some of the characters are very underdeveloped but that's the point of this now, isn't it? I really wish I could quote one of my favourite lines but it would be deemed too offensive to any number of people so I'll leave it to others to read this and hopefully discover it on their own. If you're looking for substance I'd give this a miss.I'm definitely reading the next book and I may look for this in audio as Gatiss himself reads it and I was hearing his voice the entire time I read this.