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The Razor's Edge

The Razor's Edge - W. Somerset Maugham Snobs, snobs and more snobs including the author. I really got tired of Maugham calling one character fat. Arrogant and judgemental people seem to be the focus except for one simple and rather likable man, Larry. The author comes off as misogynistic in a lot of this book.Larry is not seen nearly enough and it's a shame because it seems this book is about his spiritual journey. I wasn't expecting this turn of events and at all and frankly I'm not sure I would have read this book had I known. I'd rather read Siddhartha because it's a more honest account of one man's spiritual trek.If it hadn't been for Maugham's wonderful prose and the other character that I liked, Suzanne Rouvier, I don't think I would have finished this book. It gets three stars because I can't give it two and a half. I at least enjoyed it that much.