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Orlando: A Biography (Penguin Modern Classics)

Orlando - Virgina Woolf While I adore serious works I return to humour and light fantasy a lot. It helps to cleanse my mind in between works and just have a bit of light entertainment. So was I ever surprised to find that Ms Woolf wrote something I could giggle at. (I'm not really prone to giggling but this was about as close as I come). The bonus is I knew nothing about the book so it was a very pleasant surprise. I suggest you skip the rest of this review if you want the same revelation for yourself.The subject matter could have been dealt with gravity, especially as this could considered an early work about transgender, but instead it's told as a biography that is really a whimsical fantasy or a political satire. Confused yet? You won't be if you read this. Woolf helps you suspend disbelief at every turn as you really aren't sure how far along the time line you've travelled until you realize it's no longer Elizabethan England and you've moved into an entirely different century. My only complaint being that she really didn't give enough detail to the eras between Elizabethanand the Twentieth. I highly recommend this for anyone who really is afraid of Virginia Woolf.