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The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah

Song of Susannah - Stephen King, Darrel Anderson Stephen King's blatant borrowing from the Wizard of Oz, LOTR, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, The Seven Samurai, then the unforgivable King Arthur references and finally his indulgent self insertion left me shaking my head.It was then that I realised that King seldom has his own ideas instead he "borrows" from classics. The real problem is it's with horrifying results and I don't mean good horror writing.While Alfred Hitchcock's shadow is found lurking somewhere in his movies and Stan Lee likes to make a brief appearance we tend to find it amusing and play spot the author. King on the other hand doesn't settle for just that... he has to become GOD. The conceit is just too much. Did he think anyone other then die hard King fans would even swallow it? I did note that Roland really didn't care for the King in the book. Maybe he should have paid attention to his main character.Oh and if I ever hear the word "chap" again I think I'll choke. The overuse was mind numbing.There was enough of some good side characters as well as story development to not make me entirely hate this book but once again I wish for half stars as this is worth no more then 2.5.I have little hope for the final volume considering the above but its the last one and I always try and finish what I started.