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Reaper Man (Discworld Novels)

Reaper Man - Terry Pratchett I decided to read one of the Discworld books as a much needed break after finishing King's Dark Tower series and am I ever glad I did. Not only did I require a much needed laugh but I'm finding I prefer Pratchett's version of world bearing turtles.To my delight this story is also about Death. I'm noticing he's becoming a favorite character of mine. He doesn't disappoint. It's amazing how he can be so dry yet so funny. I'd also say this book is now a favorite as well. Pratchett has subtly changed from slapstick satire to a deliberate but gentle way of hazing the human condition.Death on vacation has been done many times but not with the love and care that Pratchett has managed here. He's also managed to do it without resorting to horror. Any tired cliches are turned on their proverbial heads.