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Maskerade (Discworld)

Maskerade - Terry Pratchett Considering this has three of my favourite characters in it I'm surprised that I didn't like it more. I think I found the plot a little too convoluted for a DW novel as well as Granny and Nanny seemed sub par for most of it. I will say that Granny really shone towards the end but I'll leave it at that so as to not give any spoilers.I think a lot of my problem is I just couldn't bring myself to care about Agnes. I know a lot of Pratchett's characters are parodies but he he gives them some depth. Agnes just seemed to lack in that department. I'm also missing Magrat. She was a good foil for Granny and Nanny.I am happy to say I do have a copy of Nanny Ogg's cookbook. It's far more fun then this book let's on and Pratchett's take on publishers did make me smile. The second thing to make me smile being Death in a red suit. He's really trying to be less frightening and each attempt is more ludicrous and just that much more awesome.It's funny to me that even the books I'm not crazy over still get 3 stars from me. The DW series is just that good.