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Feet of Clay (Discworld)

Feet of Clay - Terry Pratchett Every time I find out it's a Watch book I can't help but be prepared to squee. I did, most enthusiastically. I'm not sure why this set of characters almost always hits the mark with me but they do and now with some awesome additions to the guard, the stories just keep getting better and better. Death, one of my other favourite characters, chimes in and is his usual confused but endearing self. Yes Pratchett is just that good if he can make Death a charming reaper.I'd have to say the newest guard Cheery Littlebottom and Vimes reactions to the characters changes were some of the best bits, humour wise. What made me actually sit back and think were the Golems. The use of them to bring the question of faith and religion was inspired. Dorfl will be a wonderful addition to the watch.Pratchett also made this one a mystery and it's a decent one. It took me most of the book to figure it all out which only added to this volumes enjoyment. It was so close to a 5, in my head it's a 4.5, but it was just missing a bit more Vime time.